Monoi De Tahiti Oil , 50 ml

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extraction by unrefined coconut oil and tiare flower. This kind of herbaceous plants distributed in French Polynesia, where it is called the Tiare flower.
Mona de Tahiti oil is unique, both in its composition and by the incredible cosmetic effect. It has unique moisturizing properties, does not clog pores, hypoallergenic, does not create a feeling of a film on the skin. Suitable for the care of all skin types.
moisturizing, softening, nourishing, conditioning, restorative.
Applies to:
- For intense skin hydration (maintains skin elasticity);
- For sensitive skin (removes redness, peeling and skin irritation, as well as its responsiveness to the sun);
- To protect the skin from negative environmental factors;
- For any kind of massage (fully absorbed and assimilated);
- For mature and aging skin;
- For dry and damaged hair, but what about after coloring or perm (moisturizes and sells hair elasticity and shine);
- To facilitate combing and removing static electricity from the hair;
- Baby skin care;
- To strengthen and consolidate sunburn.
A method of external application:
Mona de Tahiti oil may be used alone, in blends with other oils as a base oil for making compositions with natural essential oils to enrich the cosmetic products: creams, masks, shampoos, conditioners. It is used for applications, bandages, lubrication, massage and beauty preparations mixtures.
Monoi De Tahiti Oil , 50 ml
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