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Monastery Kvass with Black Currant, 67.6 oz/ 2 liter

SKU: 200398


Every people has its favorite drink. Thus the Chinese prefer tea. The Germans and the Czechs – are hooked on beer. The Americans can’t live without Coca-cola, French are keen on cider and lemonades. The national drink of the Russian people is undoubtedly kvass.

Throughout the history of Russian civilization kvass had no equal in popularity not only in Russia itself but across all Eastern Europe! From time immemorial the Slavs knew perfectly well of the countless useful properties of this unique beverage. Thus they noticed hat those who regularly drank kvass were distinguished by remarkable power and endurance. Moreover their lives were exceptionally long and healthy!

Today kvass hasn’t lost its popularity. But at present times it is manufactured basically at the plants and factories. There are a variety of companies engaged in producing of kvass. And one of the most prosperous and successful among them is «Monastyrsky kvass».

In its activity Monastyrsky kvass uses only first-rate primary products and best recipes, borrowed from old-timers of remote places of Russia. As a result of responsible approach and years of experience kvass «Monastyrsky» turns out of perfect taste and high quality!

Monastyrsky kvass with Black Currant not only quenches perfectly your thirst – it also invigorates you, takes off the weariness and elevates your vitality. It was not without reason that legendary Russian epical heroes prefer kvass to all other beverages – they were aware of its useful properties quite well!

Monastyrsky with Black Currant – your best chance to appreciate the authentic flavor of first-rate kvass combined with delicate hue of berries rich in vitamin C!

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