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Milk thistle extract (pills)

SKU: 201075
Thistle seeds contain fatty oil, essential oil, chromonemata, resins, biogenic amines, and a unique set of flavonolignans, principal among which are silibinin, silidianin, silychristin. It is a complex flavonolignans called silymarin, determines the biological activity and hepatoprotective effect of milk thistle and products manufactured from it, in particular extracts from the seeds and milky sap.
Hepatoprotective action of silymarin from milk thistle fruits due to its antioxidant and membrane stabilizing properties. Excessive accumulation of lipid peroxidation products is one of the leading pathogenic mechanisms of destruction of liver cells (hepatocytes). This leads to damage of the lipid layer of cell membranes and destroy cells. Silymarin prevents the accumulation of lipid hydroperoxides and thereby reduces the degree of damage to liver cells. In addition, stabilizing the cell membrane of hepatocytes, Silymarin retards entry of toxic substances (both exogenous and endogenous origin). Silymarin also activates the metabolism, resulting in a normalization beloksinteticheskoy lipotropic and liver function.
Milk thistle extract (pills)
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