Medical Device for Natural Inhalation "Mahold's Inhaler", 3 Bottles

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Inhaler Maholda: Classic - universal device for inhalation with essential oils and herbal tinctures. Maholda inhaler - an effective tool for the prevention and treatment:respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, tracheitis);diseases of the cardiovascular system (angina, hypertension. hypotension);dysfunctions of the nervous system (insomnia, nervousness, stress, apathy, depression);enhanced protective functions.

Spray inhalation liquid (essential oils, alcohol tinctures of herbs, etc.) to aromatic molecules, the formation of turbulent air flow during inspiration
High concentration of aromatic inhalation mixture directly in the source of the disease (in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system), ie, produces direct therapeutic effect
Reduced capacity inhalation mixture (essential oils and alcohol tinctures of herbs)
Ability to regulate the flow rate and the amount of servings of aromatic mixture inhaled into the respiratory tract.
Medical Device for Natural Inhalation "Mahold's Inhaler", 3 Bottles
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