Mastokaps, 30 caps (Evalar)

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It improves the quality of life in the "critical days", maintains healthy breast Herbal Complex Mastokaps is based on extract of K. prostrata (Vitex sacred), the roots and rhizomes of peony.
Good for:
the normal course of the premenstrual period;
maintaining a normal menstrual cycle;
maintaining breast health.
Premenstrual period due to cyclic physiological processes in the body, brings a sense of discomfort for at least 80% of women, and various swings of the menstrual cycle on statistics observed in almost every other woman. Discomfort in the breast is found in almost 20% of women of childbearing age. One reason for this is increased production of prolactin. However, there are plants, biologically active substances that contribute to the maintenance of its normal level, create conditions for the health of the breast and comfortable state of "critical days".

Mode of application
Adults take 1 capsule daily with meals. Duration - not less than 3 months.
Mastokaps, 30 caps (Evalar)
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