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Original Kefir Fresh Made, 32 oz/ 0.94 liter

SKU: 200061
Fresh Made


Cultured pasterized grade A milk, active kefir culture,vitamin A,palmitate,vitamin D Numerous useful properties of sour-milk products have been known since the beginning of human history. They were indispensible for treatment of digestive disorders and for better growth of nails and hair. At that time people little about healthy bacteria or nutritive value of these products but they were quite keen and observant to notice the positive effects of sour-milk products on human – and especially growing - organism.

In kefir all the wholesome values and properties of sour-milk products merge in most brilliant combination! In days of old every housewife had her own recipe of making kefir and passed it down to next generation. Kefir was widely applied as an effective antipyrotic and an В«anti-hangoverВ» agent!

Today kefir is produced commercially. The process of manufacture involves usage of traditional recipes and application of high technologies. As a result appears an exclusively useful product fermented with vitally important bacteria and rich in vitamins!

We offer you to appreciate the genuine taste of traditional product of Kefir Original ! This first-rank product is purified of additives and flavors gives you an opportunity to feel the true value and taste of inartificial home-like kefir!

It is perfectly balanced in microelements and vitamins that render Kefir Original quite beneficial for every health and age group of consumers.

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