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Kam-Chat-Ka Multiactive Slimming Body Wrap, 15.21 oz/ 450 ml (Planeta Organica)

SKU: 203878
Planeta Organica


Aqua with infusions of Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (настой водоросли фукус), Volcanic Soil (термальные грязи ), Kaolin (белая глина), Cetearyl Аlcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter* (органическое масло ши), Glycerin, Coffea Arabica Seed Oil* (органическое ма


Thanks to its unique mineral composition, which for centuries formed under the influence of underground geothermal, thermal mud is one of the best means to combat excess weight and cellulite. Mineral components contribute to the activation of metabolic processes and stimulate lipolysis and drain excess fluid from the body.
The kelp is extracted in the Okhotsk Sea from May to August. During this period fukus is especially saturated with organic substances extracted from seawater. It stimulates circulation, promotes vasodilatation. With this activated processes of digestion of subcutaneous fat and removing toxins from the body.
It has anti-cellulite and draining properties. Saponins ivy promotes the release of lipids from the fat cells of the skin for subsequent use as an energy source. It improves circulation, helps to eliminate excess fluid from the tissues, improves skin elasticity.
Kam-Chat-Ka Multiactive Slimming Body Wrap, 15.21 oz/ 450 ml (Planeta Organica)
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