Intensive Natural Facial Mask, Deep Cleansing, 2.53 oz/ 75 ml

SKU: 206485
Planeta Organica
Produced in North Iceland region with a perfect environment, Arctic peat is known for its cleansing properties. Peat is like a sponge soaks up dirt from the skin, replacing the harmful positive ions in the skin of the negative ions of peat, which have a beneficial effect. Arctic peat is a pure, 100% natural product that does not contain any additives, heavy metals and toxins. The resultant of herbs and medicinal plants in a natural way for centuries peat maximally saturated with biologically active elements, plant estrogens, minerals that strengthen the skin, accelerate the cell regeneration process.
Kaolin absorbs excess sebum, dust and other dirt, gently cleansing the pores and skin by eliminating black spots.
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