Hot Ajika Veres, 11.46 oz/ 325 g

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Tomatoes, pepper, sugar, salt, garlic.
Hot Adjika is cooked of fresh tomatoes according to a traditional recipe.

Adjika is a traditional seasoning of Abkhazia. Initially, tomatoes were not included in the recipe of adzhika - this is a later improvement of recipe. Adjika was cooked of pepper and spices.

The word "adjika" means "salt." This salt was given to Abkhaz shepherds in order to feed sheeps. The salt evoked sheep's thirst. Sheeps fed with salt ate and drank more and gained weight faster. However, in those days salt was very expensive product, and in order to the shepherds did not steal it owners began to mix pepper into the salt. The shepherds began to eat this seasoning in food, adding more and more different spices, perfecting the recipe.

Today Adjika has no single recipe for cooking, but it can definitelly be called a world-renowned sauce.
Hot Ajika Veres, 11.46 oz/ 325 g
Hot Adjika
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