Honey Altai Natural "May" 500g/1.1lb Berestov

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Honey Altai Natural 'May' 500g/1.1lb collected in the Altai - a place without exaggeration, unique: relict forests, rare medicinal plants and honey plants (847 species grow here only higher plants), a large number of crystal-clear rivers and lakes, perfect ecology. His contribution to the unique taste and quality of the May honey making climate gathering places: in January temperature here can drop to -49ºC - -52ºS in July to rise to + 33ºC - + 38 ° C. There are only a few apiaries May collect honey in these places. Beekeepers collect the fresh May honey, rich, rich in diastase. Such honey is rare, except in the collection "Berestye AS Favorites. "
Botanical composition: steppe grasses, having a strong personality (may attend willow and sage, willow, lungwort, acacia, oregano, mother and stepmother, cherries, angelica Siberian and other valuable honey plants)
Origin: Altay region
Honey Bouquet: Honey first pitching has absorbed all the freshness and .ye. energy early honey plants. Velvety melting generous notes of herbs decorated with delicate shades of fruit c gentle minty aftertaste. Bright individuality varieties expressed a perfect balance of taste and sensory perfect sunlight.
Directions: The healing properties of honey in May determined the widest range of application - for the treatment of colds, insomnia, and nervous system disorders, atherosclerosis, certain liver diseases, as well as externally - as an anti-bacterial and styptic. Dissolved in pure water in May honey is used to treat eye diseases. Traditional natural sleeping pill - a warm tea or milk with honey at bedtime.
With its light pleasant aroma May honey is perfect for adding a variety of desserts, pastries, cottage cheese and cereal.
Food and energy value per 100 g: carbohydrates 80,3 u? calorie 324 kcal.
Terms and conditions: Store at temperatures not above 20 ° C for 2 years from the date of packaging.
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