Honey Altai Natural "Buckwheat" 500g/1.1lb Berestov

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Honey Altai Natural Buckwheat 500g/1.1lb Berestov 

Krasnogorsk district of the Altai Territory is located on a plateau Salair Ridge. This picturesque region, the territory of which flows many rivers. Most residents, like many decades ago, engaged in farming and beekeeping here. On the territory of this region there are many small households that buckwheat is grown and harvested during the flowering period with her honey. Altai buckwheat honey in the number of iron is unmatched, and honey Krasnogorsk district has increased diastaznym number, and the taste is particularly acute.

Botanical Ingredients: Buckwheat (may be present: willow, hawthorn, angelica Siberian, thyme, oregano, Maral root, angelica, sainfoin and other valuable honey plants)
Origin: riverbank Biya (Krasnogorsk district, Altai Territory)
Honey Bouquet: Luxury honey tart with a light brandy aftertaste - the most exquisite and colorful variety collection "Favorites." Altai Mountain air and rare medicinal honey plants Buckwheat honey give a truly charming bouquet of cinnamon, walnut and plum with hints of caramel, nutmeg and subtle shade of cumin.
Directions: In comparison with light-colored varieties of buckwheat honey contains more protein and minerals, especially iron. It is believed that it is perfectly refreshes the blood, purifies the bloodstream, promotes regeneration of damaged tissues, increases the level of hemoglobin, normalizes blood pressure. It is recommended for beriberi, hypertension, hemorrhages in the brain and retina.
Food and energy value per 100 g: 80.3 g carbohydrates, calories 324 kcal.
Terms and conditions: Store at temperatures not above 20 ° C for 2 years from the date of packaging.
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