Honey Altai Classic Taiga Flowers 500g/1.1lbs

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Honey strengthens the immune system and is also used as a diuretic. Particularly useful in the treatment of gynecological problems.
Altai honey used for baby food, as it is characterized primarily as a general tonic for the human body. This honey has in its composition a lot of micronutrients, including iron, is indispensable for anemia as a dietary food product.
Altai taiga honey - honey is a pleasant aroma taiga meadows (bearish pipe, goldenrod, fireweed, belogolovnik, angelica, wild strawberry and many others) has a strong flavor.
It is believed that honey from Altai taiga improves the immune system, improves mood, faster exchange of blood, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. It is used in the treatment of inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, with painful urination. It has disinfecting properties, has anti-inflammatory effect.
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