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Healthy Bread, 1 Pc

SKU: 201495


We invite you to taste and appreciate Healthy bread. The very name of this product indicates its inestimable beneficial properties and positive effects on human organism. Healthy bread contains no sugar, fat and preservatives; the level of cholesterol is extremely low and the content of fiber is quite high.

Every nation has its one staple. For the Chinese this is certainly rice. In Great Britain it is porridge. But for the Russians bread has been the main product at all times. The Russian civilization itself can’t be imagined without it. Bread has been immortalized in a variety of adages and proverbs. Its contribution to the development of Russian culture and formation of the nation is inestimable!

For centuries bread was widely used for a diverse range of destinations – from the cooking of traditional kvass to the cosmetic purposes. Yet it hasn’t lost its significance nowadays. Bread is of special popularity  in regions where the rate of obesity prevalence is extremely high.

Ingredients: Rye flour, whole wheat flour, rye chops, water, yeast, salt

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