Hair Mask. North Cloudberries. 12.5 oz./370 Ml

SKU: 203955
Natura Siberica
This natural hair mask was designed specifically for heavily damaged and colored hair.
Oil of rare north cloudberries, or aqua berries, as it is called in the North, full of essential fatty acids - Omega-3 and Omega-6, effectively restores damaged hair structure from within. Vitamins PP, A and C stimulate cell renewal of the scalp and the growth of strong luxuriant hair.
The antioxidant vitamin E, which is rich in cloudberry oil, forced to survive in conditions of extreme cold, protects the hair from the negative effects of the environment and returns them to a healthy beautiful shine.
The active ingredients of organic oil of forest sage protect hair from moisture loss, mitigate, prevent brittle hair and return to their natural strength, making it easy to comb.
Organic rosehip oil and oil of Siberian flax possess tonic and healing effects. They improve blood circulation and condition of the scalp, compact and stimulate the growth of new lush hair.
After several applications hair becomes strong, soft, shiny and manageable.
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