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Glycine Forte, 20 Tabs

SKU: 201242


Glycine, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B12.Life of modern man dynamic, eventful and, moreover, is filled with mental and emotional stress. Work, study, responsible meeting, preparing for exams - not the whole list of causes tension and mental fatigue. This reduces the concentration of attention, there is a feeling of depression, more difficult to solve problems, to the same disturbed sleep. Obsessive thoughts, inability to sleep, relax, lead to a nervous breakdown. The problem of this level is difficult to handle himself.

This helps the amino acid glycine, which is natural and gentle on the delicate and sensitive molecular level, reduces the psycho-emotional stress, improves mood, reduces stress, normalizes sleep. While glycine did not blunt, but rather, improves memory, sharpens the focus.

"Glycine Forte Evalar - contains higher amount of glycine. Moreover, the first action of glycine strongly highest dose vitamins necessary for the nervous system.

"Glycine Forte" from Evalar helps to reduce nervous tension, improves mental performance, eliminate depressive disorders, increased irritability, normalizes sleep.
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