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FRESH SPA Panta De Siberia Polar Night Cream 50ml Natura Siberica

SKU: 204347
Natura Siberica

FRESH SPA Panta De Siberia Polar Night Cream 50ml Natura Siberica

Due to the active composition of natural bio-components, Night Cream maximally nourishes the skin with essential nutrients that slow the aging process and effectively cares for the skin during sleep. Reindeer antlers contain a unique complex of nutrients: 20 amino acids, 25 minerals, mineral salts, complex organic compounds, enzymes, and vitamins that penetrate the skin and activate cell metabolism, saturate the skin with all necessary vitamins and microelements, restore its elasticity and noticeably rejuvenate it.
Royal jelly has an incredibly high concentration of biologically active substances, such as essential amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, lipids, minerals and vitamins. This unique product is a real source of energy and strength. It actively nourishes, restores the skin's lost vitality and freshness.
Natural cedar jelly is rich in valuable vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, E and A. It softens and smoothes the skin, giving it firmness and elasticity.
Directions: apply every evening on cleansed face and neck.
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