Formic Honey Body Gel Elixir Nourishing, 2.36 oz/ 70 g

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soothes the joints pain;
relieves inflammation in the periarticular tissues;
stop the destruction of the articular cartilage compounds;
protects the joint and bone tissue from destruction;
normalizes the biomechanical function of articular connection;
improves the elasticity of cartilage;
strengthening intra and extra-articular ligaments of the joints;
quickly eliminates swelling in the area of ​​joint compounds;
reduces friction in the joint capsule;
displays excess mineral salts of limb joints and discs of the spine;
tones hyaline articular surface and synovial membrane of the articular cartilage;
promotes the development of synovial (interarticular) fluid increases its viscoelastic properties;
accelerates the process of resorption of hematomas in the periarticular muscle system;
actively restores the thickness and elasticity of muscle fibers;
tones the muscles and connective intermuscular layer;
has a high energy action;
possesses the most powerful antirheumatic property;
accelerates blood circulation in the blood and lymph vessels periarticular;
improves the elasticity of the vessel walls;
cleans periarticular vessels from protein build-up;
has antibacterial, antiseptic properties;
prevents the appearance of spider veins
Formic Honey Body Gel Elixir Nourishing, 2.36 oz/ 70 g
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