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Organic Baby Cereal Wheat Spelt without Milk 5 Months+, 6.17 oz / 175 g

SKU: 203859
Fleur Alpine


Recommended for babies from 5 months

whole wheat (spelt) flour*, vitamin B1
*organic agriculture

Product features:
No added milk
No added sugar
No added salt

Spelt is an ancient cultivar of wheat that has never been subjected to selection and retained its pristine useful properties. The special structure of spica protects spelt against pests and adverse environmental factors. Spelt has a higher nutritional value compared to that of conventional wheat. It is richer in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements and fibers. Nutrients are evenly distributed throughout the grain and are secured even at very fine grinding. Spelt cereal has a delicate texture and delicious taste, easily digested.

Cereals could be prepared on breast milk, infant formulae or water.
1. Pour 200 ml of liquid into a clean bowl, boil if needed and cool it down to 50°C.
2. Gradually add 5-6 table spoons (about 25 grams) of dry cereal, stirring constantly until homogeneous state is achieved.
3. Leave until desired consistency is achieved. Check the cereal temperature before feeding (about 37°C).

Feeding recommendations:
Start to introduce cereal carefully with 1 tea spoon of the ready product. The recommended amount of ready cereal at 4-6 months is 150 g, by 8 months - 180 g and by 12 months - 200 g. Fleur Alpine ORGANIC baby fruit puree or fruits could be added to the ready cereal. Do not use the leftover food for next feeding.

Nutritional value in 100 g of the product:
Energy - 379 kcal
Protein – 13,0 g
Carbohydrates – 71,7 gFat – 2,5 g
Fibers – 9,1 g
Vitamin В1 – 0,39 mg
Minerals: Sodium 4,6 mg

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