Fennel Essential Oil "Aromatika", 10 ml

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Action: antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, carminative, diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, antioxidant, antispasmodic, sedative, detoxifying, insecticidal, obschestimuliruyuschee, tonic.
It normalizes the digestive tract, increases the functional activity of the stomach, removes the enzyme deficiency, helps to quickly digest and dispose of fatty foods. It helps clean the intestines, increasing peristalsis and exerting a mild laxative effect. It relieves colic. It prevents heartburn. It helps with flatulence, hiccups, nausea, vomiting and other problems of the digestive system. It provides corrective effect on appetite (may either suppress or cause it). Eliminates bleeding and inflammation of the gums. In Western and Eastern medicine, it is recommended as a remedy for diseases of the liver, spleen and gall bladder.
It is a mild diuretic and decongestant. Perfectly cleanses the body. It neutralizes and removes from the body of endo- and exotoxins. It neutralizes the poisons of insects and snakes. The perfect remedy for a hangover: toxins produced as a result and the abuse of alcohol and overeating. It has a hepatoprotective effect in the toxic load on the liver. Fennel cleansing properties useful for preventing and treating arthritis and rheumatism. It cleanses the lymphatic system.
Promotes the dissolution and removal of kidney stones. Anti-inflammatory properties of the oil are useful in cystitis, urethritis and other urogenital infections.
It has estrogen-like activity. With this normalizes the menstrual cycle, it eliminates the delay menstruation, relieves premenstrual tension, and increases sexual desire. It may help during menopause in solving problems related to the fluctuations in the level of hormones in the body. One of the remarkable properties of fennel oil is its ability to stimulate lactation with a shortage of milk in nursing mothers, which provides easy start feeding the baby and prevent the emergence of stagnation and inflammation in the mammary gland.
Optimizes blood circulation, improves coronary blood flow, improves the cardiac conduction, gently lowers blood pressure, removes arrhythmia, reduce the frequency and strength of hypertensive reactions.
It is believed that fennel increases strength and prolongs life. She is an active antioxidant. It optimizes the metabolism.
Fennel oil is a potent antiseptic: it "phenolic coefficient" is equal to 13. This means that it for bactericidal activity 13 times greater than phenol. It also has a high antifungal activity (active dose - 100 mg / ml). When sanitation facilities reduces the fungi in an atmosphere of 4-5.
With antispasmodic and expectorant properties, fennel oil relieves diseases of the upper respiratory tract (colds, bronchitis, whooping cough, breathing problems in the nervous system).

It has a sedative effect, reduces stress reactions, relieves tension, nervousness and anxiety, stabilize the emotional background and restores emotional balance, prevents the emergence of oppressive feeling of loneliness and emotional frustration. Eliminates the obsessive fears (fear of darkness, heights, open spaces, etc.), creates a sense of security, stability, confidence and inner freedom. It is believed that oil gives strength and courage in difficult situations. At the same time revitalizes brain activity, stimulates memory, promotes verbal expression. At the same time it goes well with lavender, geranium, orange, rose, sandal essential oils.
Cleanses, tones and refreshes the skin, gives it a homogeneous color. It restores the water balance of dry and dehydrated skin. Eliminates laxity and flaccidity of the skin, smoothes wrinkles, reduces puffiness around the eyes. The oil improves the elasticity of the epidermis and connective tissue. Promotes elasticity chest, abdomen, thighs, "outlines" the contours of the face and body, and is recognized as a means to "silhouette massage" and "contouring". Low concentrations of fennel oil in massage blends help to build muscle mass and increase the bust by improving their trophism. Use massage mixtures of higher concentrations of oil helps to reduce fat accumulation in tissues and pohudeniiyu. Traditionally used to treat obesity and cellulite. Fennel oil effectively removes acne and is an excellent remedy for skin care of teenagers at juvenile acne. It helps with blisters.
Chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, pharyngitis. Angina, cardioneurosis, dystonia. Urolithiasis, urinary tract infections (cystitis, urethritis). Gout, rheumatism, edema. Hepatitis, gastritis, gastro, enterocolitis, intestinal colic, accompanied by chronic constipation intestinal, heartburn, hiccups, nausea, aerophagia, bloating, bleeding gums, bacteria overgrowth. Obesity, cellulite. Irregular menstruation, scanty menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, insufficient amounts of milk in nursing mothers. The toxic load (alcohol, smoking, poisoning, insect bites). Nervous tension, stress, obsessive fears. Sagging skin, fat porous skin, acne, decreased elasticity of the bust, abdomen and thighs. Prized as a means of preventing the appearance of wrinkles, applied for skin care face and neck.
Methods of Use:
The aroma lamp - 2-5 drops of 15 m2.
The bath - 6-10 kapelpredvaritelno emulsified essential oil (a mixed solution with a small amount of honey, sea salt, milk, or cream). Bath has a tonic effect on the nervous system.
For massage - 5-10 drops to 20 ml of fat base. Massage is especially indicated in children with flatulence, abdominal spasms, respiratory diseases.
For the silhouette of massage in order to build muscles take 7-10 drops of essential oil to 50 ml of base oil.
 For the silhouette of massage to lose weight on a basis of 50 ml of fat take 20-25 drops of essential oil.
 Dlyaingalyatsy 8-10 drops of essential oils added in an inhaler or in a container of hot water and inhale 10-15 min.
Dlyamaslyanyh compresses impregnated folded in three layers of gauze fennel essential oil mixture with a vegetable oil basis in the ratio 1: 1 and applied on the chest for 6-8 hours.
 For a warm, moist compress - 5 drops of essential oil of 20-25 ml of warm water. The compress is used to improve liver function and boils.
Dlyapoloskany - 5 drops of fennel oil to 1/2 cup warm water.
For applications on gingival - 3-5 drops of essential oil droplets of 7-10 base oil. The procedure lasts 25-30 minutes, course of 10-12 sessions.
To enrich the creams and lotions - 5-7 drops per 10 ml of base. Cosmetics enriched with essential oil of fennel and vegetable fatty oils are used as a moisturizer for the face and body, as well as a means of improving trophism muscle.
Fennel Essential Oil  "Aromatika", 10 ml
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