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Farmer Cheese, 1 lb/ 0.45 kg

SKU: 200132
Fresh Made


Fresh Made was established in 1982 and from the very beginning of its existence the company has showed itself to the best advantage. The primary goal of Fresh Made has always been to create dairy products of superb quality. To succeed in this enterprise Fresh Made consistently upgrades the technologies and improves the professional skills of the stuff.
Besides the facilities of the company are located close by fabulous Amish Country which farms are known throughout the world!
Fresh Made produces a wide range of dairy products including butter, kefir and others. One of the Fresh Made’s best-sellers is undoubtedly Farmer Cheese. It is made of first-class Pennsylvania milk and contains no harmful additives. It proves to be a superb source of vitally important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Farmer Cheese possesses high content of calcium and protein which makes for its excellent utility for children and people with fragile health.
However apart from its unique useful properties Farmer Cheese appears to be a very delicious product. Its crumbly texture and delicate taste appeal to everyone! No wonder that it has no equals in the whole American market!
As for children they just adore this product. Presented in different varieties including delicious cheeses flavored with strawberry, cranberry, peach or cherry preserves, Farmer Cheese proves to be a superb dessert!
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