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Bessarabian Tvorog Farmer Cheese, 1 lb/ 0.45 kg

SKU: 200056
Fresh Made


Famous Fresh Made company was established in 1982 year. Since then it has consistently demonstrated responsible approach and sincere care of customers. Fresh Made is a status leader in the USA in the domain of kefir production.
But its stock is not confined to the production of sour-milk beverages. It also successfully manufactures first-class butter and a wide range of cheeses.
Incidentally Farmer Cheese proves to be a Fresh Made’s best-seller. Its delicate taste and crumbly texture appeal to customers with different taste preferences. This cheese is presented in different varieties, including Amish, Chudy Polish, Country Style, Happy Kids and other sorts of Farmer Cheese.
Farmer Cheese – Tvorog Bessarabski appears to be a perfect combination of useful properties and exquisite taste. Its manufacturing process involves advanced technologies. As primary products Fresh Made uses only all-natural ingredients, including Pennsylvania milk.
Farmer Cheese – Tvorog Bessarabski is a unique, incredibly tasty source of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients responsible for your health and cheerfulness. High protein and calcium content makes it especially beneficial for children and people with poor health.
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