Essential Oils Blend "Calming", 10 ml

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SOOTHING aromakompozitsii
Ingredients: Essential oils: lavender, lemon, orange. Fragrant substances of plant origin combine a number of different biologically active substances. This explains the quality of the natural product variety of properties of essential oils.
The mixture is relaxing, relieves stress, depression, melancholy, apathy, fatigue, focusing, shown at high loads on the visual apparatus (computer work); It tones the heart and blood vessels; increases appetite; It facilitates the removal of toxins.
In cosmetology is used: to normalize water and lipid metabolism of the skin and hair; cellulite and obesity.
Methods of Use:
Oil burner: the upper bowl of the lamp pour 2 tablespoons of water and add the mixture at the rate of 1-2 drops 3 m2 of floor space. Treatment time average of 30 minutes.
Inhalation of cold: on a napkin to put 3-5 drops of the mixture and make 10-20 slow, deep, and then 5-7 short breaths. Repeat the procedure from 2 to 5 times with an interval of 1 minute.
Aroma bath: 3-7 drops of the mixture dissolved in 1 tablespoon of honey or salt, cream, yogurt, kefir, bath foam. The resulting solution was added to the bath. Treatment time - 10-20 minutes.
Aromadush: 2-3 drops diluted in a mixture of 1 teaspoon of shower gel, liquid soap (or 5-7 drops of the mixture to mix with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil), applied to the body (except the face and the crotch), lightly rub, rinse with a jet of water .
The baths and saunas: prepare an aromatic water: 5-10 drops of ethereal mixture add 1-2 tablespoons of honey (or sea salt, whey, cream) dissolved in 500 ml of water. In the bath, use a 1-1.5 liters of water to impregnate the aromatic wood flooring, brooms, wet the stove. In the sauna, aromatic 200-300 ml of water in a container put on the stove in potelnoy to evaporate, and sprinkle the shop walls. Treatment time - 3-20 minutes (to increase gradually).
Compress / grinding: prepare the composition: 5 drops added to a mixture of 10-15 ml (dessert - tablespoon) of fatty oil or vodka, soak cloth and apply a compress on the area of ??concern (eg, chest) or spend an intensive rubbing compound.
Massage: Massage efficiency can be enhanced by adding 10-15 ml (dessert - tablespoon) massage cream or fatty oil 3-7 drops of a mixture of essential oils.
Enrichment of oil cosmetic: to 1 dessert spoon of cosmetic products (cream, gel, tonic, shampoo, conditioner), add 3-5 drops of the mixture, stir, on the testimony of an ordinary use of cosmetic products.
Essential Oils Blend "Calming", 10 ml
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