Dry Apricot, 1 lb/ 0.45 kg

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Dry Apricot has a special place on the shelves of our online supermarket. Different sorts of this product, depending on their origin and the technology used to dry them, distinguish themselves by various tinges of taste form sweet to sourish. We propose you only the best quality of the goods on offer in our store. We guarantee the right storage conditions which preserve the nuts and dry fruits fresh, tasty and beneficial.

The apricots belong to a sub-acid class of fruits. The raw state is remarkable for its acid taste which changes into sweet as the fruit is ripening. The Dry Apricot is higher in calories and contains even more sugar sometimes causing asthma attacks. But the positive effects of the product are much more noticeable.

The fruit has been worldwide regarded as a tonic and nutritious food. The presence of the beta-carotene in the composition of apricots helps to reduce infections and eliminate skin problems, protect the eyes and heart from different diseases. Besides, this element is able to control the cholesterol level in the blood. Dry Apricot is a rich source of indispensable elements for the adequate functioning of the organism. Iron and copper in the composition of the product help to form haemoglobin and therefore become beneficial for those suffering from anemia. Consumption of the product can also prevent from hypertension as it contains a lot of potassium. Dry apricots are believed to have great antioxidant properties protecting the cells from the harmful influence of free radicals which can damage the eyes lenses as well. Dry Apricot is a very good aid to the digestion system, so it is quite often used in treating constipation. Being packed with vitamins and nutrients the foodstuff is able to treat such diseases as cancer, anemia, fevers, indigestion and earache.
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