Dried Cranberry, 1 lb/ 0.45 kg

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Dried cranberry occupies a special place on the shelves of our online store. If you ask anybody about their favourite berry juice from childhood they will inevitably name the cranberry one. It is the product associated in the minds of a great number of people with winters full of energy and spent in good health.

Cranberry is one of the fruit native to the continent of North America. Naturally they grow in bogs. But commercial growers pursuing the lucre imitate the setting by flooding their beds. They converted the fruit into a major crop in certain Canadian provinces and USA states. Dried cranberry is acknowledged all over the world for having several health benefits. First of all they are packed with antioxidants and other nutrients which help to protect our bodies from the harmful influence of the free radicals by counteracting them. The rich colour of the cranberries proves that the composition contains various chemicals of phenolic nature. Secondly, dried cranberries are used in treating urinary tract illnesses. For convenience concentrate pills with cranberry extracts have been invented and are now widely sold even in supermarkets. Among other beneficial properties of the fruit worth mentioning are the abilities to fight infections of bacterial origin, to benefit cardiovascular and strengthen the immune systems. Besides, Dried cranberry has some anti-cancer properties. Some researches claim that the fruit is also helpful in fighting tooth decay.

Apart from being beneficial for health cranberries are also really delicious. They should be added as a filling to chickens or cooked pumpkin halves. Together with cinnamon and nutmeg they will make a perfect supplement for a bread recipe.
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