Dried Cherry, 1 lb/ 0.45 kg

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The shelves of our online supermarket contain a great choice of dried fruit and nuts. Dried Cherry has gained a reputation of an exclusive product among the appreciators. Fresh ripe cherries are notable for their juicy sweet taste and acknowledged by the majority of the fruit fans as the ones having a bound of positive properties. Nowadays there is a method to preserve the benefits of the fruit mentioned all the year round. It is Dried Cherry you can take advantage of any time you like. In our store you can order any amount of the product and we will deliver it to you really soon.

Since the first time they were tasted the cherries has become a perfect remedy for gout pain. The product contains Vitamin C which is supposed to fight various diseases and strengthen the immune system. Some studies show that it is able to reduce the level of uric acid in the organism and as a result prevent possible gout attacks. Cherries are the fruits which contain anthocyanins in great amounts. According to the 1999 studies this element is helpful in blocking the enzymes that can cause tissues swelling. Dried Cherry also contains potassium – the electrolyte that makes the body get rid of the excessive amounts of uric acid in the organism. It also provides good conditions for a healthy kidneys function. The alleviation of the gout pains occurs thanks to the ability of the potassium to turn the hard crystals into liquid form, making it possible to excrete them during urination.
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