Detox Black Body Soap Moroccan Hammam, 11.83 oz/ 350 Ml

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Organic Shop Cleanser black soap for the body Moroccan hammam perfectly cleans and
renews the skin.
Soap enriches your skin with vitamins and it becomes smooth and soft.
A series of on Organic Shop is distinguished by its naturalness purity and simplicity.

cleans and refreshes the skin.
grapefruit seed extract deeply penetrating the skin nourishes it with vitamins.
soap nourishes and tones the skin.
has anti-cellulite effect and facilitates alignment of the skin.
stimulates blood circulation and improves cellular respiration.
rich structure of soap perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin.
Organic Argan oil helps to rejuvenate the skin.
eucalyptus oil is an excellent antiseptic.

Apply soap with hard sponges or special gloves on the body, leave for a few minutes and then wash off. Pay special attention to problem areas.

Grapefruit seed extract, organic Argan oil, eucalyptus oil
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