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Day Face Cream "Liquid Collagen" Smoothes Wrinkles 36+, 1.69 oz/ 50 Ml

SKU: 203166
Black Pearl


Day cream BLACK PEARL 36 years c cream to combat age-related changes, taking into account the needs of the skin of women over 36 years old. This is the first day cream, creating ideal conditions for skin rejuvenation samovyrabotki own substances. Texture of the cream is perfectly distributed in the skin, moisturizing and smoothing the skin tone of her skin becomes more elastic, smooth, deeply moisturized, she looks much younger and healthier. This day cream is also suitable for the neck and decollete. Main components: - UV- protection - Hyaluronic acid (hyaluron) - Liquid Collagen Regulation of care: should be applied morning and evening Daytime is precisely Night Cream. After day and night skin works differently and only the appropriate bio- rhythms of skin care is effective. You can use and versatile cream, adapting to the needs of your skin at any time. How to understand if there is enough care gets your skin day and night ? Very simple - try day and night cream to buy at the same time and make sure that they ended at the same time!

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