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Dandelion Roots, 1.76 oz/ 50 g

SKU: 200942


Bitter substances contained in a dandelion, irritated taste buds and increase the secretion of gastric juice. The roots are rich in polysaccharide, inulin. In the roots found triterpene compounds, sterols, fatty oil, which consists of glycerides of palmitic, oleic, linoleic, and melissovoy tserotinovoy acids. Plants contain niacin.For many people, dandelions are simply a yard pest. However, dandelion leaves and roots are very rich in nutrients. They are very rich in vitamins, including A, C, D, and B-complex. They also have high levels of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, boron, and silicon. Traditionally, the roots and leaves of the plant are used as medicines for breast maladies, bloating, digestive disorders, aching joints, fevers, and skin disorders. The properties of dandelion root are antiviral, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, sedative, spasmolytic and antibacterial.
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