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Condensed Whole Milk with Sugar, 13.4 oz/ 380 g

SKU: 200255


Some time ago there were no adequate information on special utility of condensed milk. At all times it was a favorite dessert of Soviet people regardless of their age or social status. Condensed milk would be served with tea and coffee, with buns and cookies and even independently!
Yet recent researches have shown that condensed milk is not just delicious but also very useful! Still this refers only to a product of high quality indeed. To distinguish this one from faulty imitation the consumer has to know certain rules.
Firstly you have to make a careful study of the ingredients. First-grade condensed milk is made of pasteurized cow’s milk, buttermilk, sugar and cream. All other additives are undesirable. Butterfat on no account shouldn’t be replaced by vegetable fat!
Secondly you should pay attention to the color of the product. An authentic condensed milk is that cream-colored. The consistence of condensed milk is homogeneous, mass fraction of moisture shouldn’t exceed 26,5%! An excess mass fraction of moisture induces the decrease of nutritive value.
We offer you to try and appreciate an unforgettable taste of genuine Condensed sweet milk as it was in the Soviet period!
Condensed sweet milk is manufactured by a reliable Russian company of exclusively natural primary products!

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