Milk Country Condensed Milk "Cream", 3.52 oz/ 100 g

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A couple of years ago no one would find reasonable to discuss the beneficial properties of Condensed Milk . It has always been just an incredibly tasty dessert - who cares is it useful or not! We aren’t used to the fact that a tasty product may be really healthy! Make sure - Condensed Milk on offer in our supermarket is exactly such a unique product!
The latest researches have demonstrated an evident utility of this milk. Being manufactured in a proper way it keeps many nutrients of the primary product and thus appears to be a really wholesome product.
Still nutrients are preserved only in condensed milk of high quality. An inferior product is not useful at all. To discriminate between genuine condensed milk and its imitation you have to learn some rules.
First you should look into the list of ingredients. A product of high quality is composed of natural ingredients and contains no additives. As a rule this include pasteurized cow’s milk, buttermilk, granulated sugar, refined sugar and cream. Watch the substitution of butterfat for vegetable fat!
Secondly the customer has to call attention to the color of the product. By the book it should be even and cream-tinted. The consistence of condensed milk must be homogeneous and stiff. Respectively mass fraction of moisture shouldn’t to be in excess of 26,5%! If you have noticed any aberrations – better set your choice on something else!
In attempt to satisfy everyone we offer our customers a range of various brands of Condensed milk of the best Russian manufacturers.
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