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Condensed milk "Coffee"

SKU: 201615
The cherished dream of all sweet-toothed is that their favorite desserts were useful! At last the dream comes true. According to the recent researches condensed milk is not only incredibly delicious – it also possesses indubitable useful properties. If the manufacturing process complies with all the rules and terms the final product will preserve the majority of the nutrients.
On the contrary an inferior condensed milk will rather be injurious to your health than beneficial. That is the reason why the customer should know how to discriminate between genuine condensed milk and its faulty imitation. With this design one is to learn certain indications of natural product.
Thus you should pay attention to the color and consistence of condensed milk. In compliance with the norms accepted the color must be smooth, even and cream. As for the consistence it must be homogeneous and not too watery. Correspondingly mass fraction of moisture must meet the standards of 26,5%.
It is of crucial importance to take notice of the list of ingredients. A condensed milk of high quality consists of natural ingredients and contains no additives. As a rule its list of ingredients adds up to pasteurized cow’s milk, buttermilk, refined sugar, granulated sugar and cream. Be careful of the substitution of butterfat for vegetable fat!
We propose you to appreciate an exquisite taste of Condensed milk «Coffee» . Delicate odor known since childhood enriched by elegant flavor of coffee – all this you will find in delicious and useful Condensed milk «Coffee» that will fill you with joy and cheerfulness!
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