"Youth Impulse" Concentrated Elixir Cream for Face and Neck, 1 oz/ 30 Ml (Pure Line)

SKU: 203133
Pure Line

7 plant activators collagen deep rejuvenation at the cellular level: 1 - EDELWEISS improves the quality and strength of the collagen fibers, preventing the appearance of wrinkles 2 - wheat germ oil provides cells with food and energy , reduces wrinkles 3 - DRAWING Verbier stimulates collagen synthesis, restoring skin frame 4 - to 8 times ALOE STRENGTHENING cell renewal, deeply moisturizes 5 - grape seed oil DEFENDS collagen from the devastation tightens facial contours 6 - IRIS noble improves skin elasticity and tone due to natural vitamins 7 - Ginseng stimulates collagen renewal, keeping skin young Instantly: skin is transformed After 7 days: wrinkles are visibly reduced

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