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Coltsfoot Leaves, 1.76 oz/ 50 g

SKU: 200935
phytosterols, tannins, a yellow pigment. In the leaves - a bitter glycoside tussilyagin, ascorbic acid, polysaccharides, inulin and dextrin, galovaya, malic and tartaric acids, volatile oil, tannins, saponins, carotene, sitosterol, mucus, tannin.Over the years, coltsfoot has been a very popular folk herb for coughs and bronchial congestion. One of the main contents of coltsfoot leaves is mucilage. This is said to coat the mucosa of the pharynx and have a demulcent effect. Historically, there was a tendency to assume that the sticky quality of mucilages signified their inherent value as throat soothers or expectorant agents, and thus there arose the suggestion that the herbal sources of such products were helpful in coughs. Another component, tussilagone, has been reported to stimulate the respiratory center and to increase blood pressure. Coltsfoot contains alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, acids, bitters, and other constituents. Most of these have not been pharmacologically evaluated, but an expectorant effect has been hypothesized to occur through stimulating gastric receptors to cause a vagal reflex in the lung that results in bronchial gland secretion.
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