Clary Sage Essential Oil "Aromatika", 10 ml

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Action: antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, tonic, antispasmodic, mild hypotensive, antispasmodic, antioxidant, diuretic, carminative, expectorant, immunomodulatory, soothing, wound healing, balsamic, deodorant.
Clary sage oil - a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, which is not only a good flavor of premises, but also in preventing acute respiratory infections. It has a softening effect in chronic and acute inflammation of the respiratory system. Relieves whooping cough and bronchitis with an asthmatic component (relieves bronchial spasms and helps to get rid of anxiety and emotional stress, common in patients with asthma). Oil brings relief at Bole in the throat, coughing, laryngitis, tonsillitis, promotes rapid recovery hoarse voice, which is very valuable for speakers, speakers, singers.
By strengthening the immune system and increasing the adaptive capacity of the organism, clary sage oil, it has a bracing effect. It imparts additional energy during the rehabilitation period, promoting recovery from disease (especially after influenza) as well as during the postpartum period and depression.
Increases functional activity of the stomach, improves digestion, eliminates flatulence in the digestive tract. With antispasmodic effect, eliminates stomach and intestinal cramps, helps with flatulence flatus. Effectively reduces inflammation of the gums and oral mucosa when parodontosis, pulpitis, caries. It eliminates bad breath. It is a good tonic for the kidneys.
Positive effect on the functional state of the cardiovascular system: improves microcirculation, contributes to the gradual recovery of function after reversible strokes, has a hypotensive effect (lowers blood pressure). It helps to quickly warm up the muscles before sports.
Clary sage oil increases sexual activity (it has aphrodisiac properties) and contribute to the normalization of hormonal status in men and women. It is believed that sage oil stimulates the endocrine function of sexual glands and has estrogen-like activity and stimulates the activity of the pituitary gland. With the ability to normalize the hormonal disorders, oil softens the problems of menopause, regulate menstruatsionny cycle, reduces premenstrual tension, reduces painful menstruation (cramps weakening). As an emmenagogue, it is useful to apply in the absence or scant menstruation. It is best to use it during the first half of the menstrual cycle, as in the second half can sometimes be heavy bleeding. During menopause it is recommended to use oil of clary sage combined with geranium oil bath and foot baths.
In the old days it was thought that the sage - the strongest remedy for infertility, makes it easy to conceive a child. Sage oil - a good tonic for the uterus, facilitating childbirth, reduces the likelihood of postpartum depression and giving expectant mothers a sense of confidence. If breast-feeding women need to stop breast-feeding, the use of sage oil very quickly stops the production of milk, preventing inflammation of the mammary glands and seals.
Clary sage oil balances the nervous system: at the same time exhibits soothing and general tonic effect. By activating the central nervous system, sage oil refreshes, improves mental and physical performance, improves concentration, increases the capacity and efficiency of the memory awakens intuition, enhances creativity and creative activity. At the same time oil has a calming, relaxing and antidepressant effect. Inhalation of oil helps relieve nervous tension, causes mild euphoria, a feeling of well-being, harmony and joy of life. This is one of the strongest relaxing aromatherapy means to cope with stress, mental or emotional stress, anxiety, and often creates this tension in the muscles (muscle spasms and contractures). It has an anticonvulsant effect. The warming and relaxing effect of oil helps with fever and panic state. Eliminates asthenia, fatigue, apathy, indifference to life. It is encouraging in times of depression and anxiety. Removing total voltage, oil helps with headaches and migraines. Being anti-stress, it helps to solve the problems of a sexual nature. It eliminates muscle tremors and facilitates hand tremors in chronic alcoholism. It helps to get rid of the drug and drug addiction.
It recommended for oily, normal and mature skin. Promotes the regeneration of the skin, prevents premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles, helps to keep your skin young and healthy. It eliminates excessive sweating and body odor, is a natural deodorant. Effective in pustular skin lesions. It reduces inflammation of the skin in psoriasis, eczema and other forms of dermatitis. Heals cuts, wounds, burns. Relieves itching and irritation of herpes and thrush. It reduces excessive sebum production, especially on the scalp. Restores strength and tone the hair, stimulates their growth. Cleans greasy hair, it helps get rid of dandruff.
Aroma-repellent, mosquito repellent. It is an antidote to insect bites.
lowered immunity, secondary immunodeficiencies, frequent colds, whooping cough, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, tonsillitis (acute tonsillitis), laryngitis, acute respiratory infections, influenza (prophylaxis), tuberculosis, air disinfection; hypertension, hemodynamic instability of the brain, heart rhythm disturbances, tachycardia, hypertension, cardiopsychoneurosis with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis; functional disorders of the nervous system, neuroses and neurosis-like states, nervous tension and restlessness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, neurasthenia, hysteria, nervousness, paranoia, convulsions, memory impairment, decreased mental alertness, migraine; irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, frigidity, impotence, infertility; inflammation of the mucous membranes; stomatitis, hepatitis, gastritis, loss of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, decreased motor function of the intestines, constipation, muscle spasm, colic, colitis; infections of the urinary tract; edema, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgias; dermatitis, eczema, boils, pustular rash, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), skin aging, burns, poorly healing wounds, fractures, bruises, cold sores, hair loss, baldness.
Methods of Use:
The oil burner - 2 - 5 drops per 15 m2 room.
Hot inhalation: 1-2 drops, duration of procedure, 3-5 minutes.
Aromamedalony 1-2 drops.
For massage - 3-5 drops per 10 ml of base oil.
Refleksomassazh: mix with the basic vegetable oil in a proportion of 1: 1.
The bath - 3 - 7 drops of oil previously mixed with the emulsifier (1 / 4-1 / 3 cup milk, whey, or a solution of kitchen salt sea).
The foot bath: 6 -7 pre-emulsified drops of essential oil.
Saunas: 4-5 drops of 15 m2.
Rinses: 2 - 4 drops mixed with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda or honey dissolved in 200 g of warm water.
Water compresses, lotions hot: 10 drops to 1/2 cup of water.
Compresses oil, lotions cold: 15 drops mixed with 2 tablespoons of base oil (avocado, jojoba, wheat germ).
To enrich the finished cosmetic products (creams, lotions, shampoos, hair conditioners) - 3-5 drops of 5-10 ml of base.
For oral care: add 5 drops of 10 ml of alcohol and dissolved in 100 ml of water (sensitive gums, oral infections)
Drops in the ears 3-4 drops per 15 ml of base oil.
Hair Mask: 8 drops per 30 ml of base oil. Rub into the scalp for a few minutes. Wrap a towel and leave for an hour or more. When split hairs can be applied to the hair ends.
Clary Sage Essential Oil  "Aromatika", 10 ml
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