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Citramon, 10 Tab

SKU: 200605


Citramon is an analgesic agent.  

Active components:
Aspirin possesses antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain caused by inflammation, increases blood circulation in the inflammation, as well as moderately inhibits blood clotting.
Caffeine stimulates psychomotor centers of the brain, dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation, has an analgesic effect, eliminates drowsiness and fatigue, stimulates physical and mental activity.
Paracetamol is non-narcotic analgesic; it has antipyretic, algeziruyuschim and moderately anti-inflammatory properties. 

Pain syndrome of moderate intensity of different origin: headache, toothache, myalgia, arthralgia – muscle pain, neuralgia, painful menstruation, fever, acute respiratory infections, influenza, and other inflammatory and infectious diseases.
Directions: take 1 pill 2-3 times a day. For the relief of headaches or painful menstruation singular dose of the remedy will be enough.
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