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Chocolate Candy Gift Box "Belovezhskaya Puscha", 37.39 oz/ 1060 g

SKU: 202620


Sugar, powdered sugar, grated cocoa, cocoa butter substitue, apple puree, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, roasted peanuts, confectionary fat, roasted cashews, roasted almonds, powered milk, wafer sheets, molasses, blackcurrant puree, apple preserves, demineralized whey powder, powdered cream , wine, agar & pectin, powered egg whites, citric acid, lecithin & polyglycerol polyricinoleate , vanilla-cream, vanilla, blackcurrant, vanillin & apple flavorings. Shipping Weight: 37.39 oz(1060 g); Brand: Kommunarka; Country of Origin: Made in Byelorussia; Chocolate Candies Assortment Gift Box Belovezhskaya Puscha, unique combination of flavors, 6 best Chocolate Glazed Candies: "Pavlinka", "Smorodinka", "Vostorg", "Lesnaya Byl", "Malenkaya Volshebnitsa" and "Sufle "Minskoye" Yablochnoe"
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