Laevomycetinum, 10 Tabs

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Chloramphenicol is able to destroy those kinds of bacteria that are not subject to any action of penicillin or tetracycline or sulfonamides. A bacteriostatic effect is very simple - it has a devastating effect on the process of protein synthesis in the microbial cell.
The tablets of the drug assigned in the treatment of diseases, which were triggered susceptible organisms. It dysentery, brucellosis, tularemia, Q fever, meningococcal infection, rickettsiosis, psittacosis, lymphogranuloma inguinal, chlamydia. In the fight against yersiniosis, ehrlichiosis, urinary tract infection, purulent wound infections, doctors also look for help from pills chloramphenicol. Chloramphenicol has found widespread use in the fight against pneumonia, purulent peritonitis, infectious diseases, biliary tract and purulent otitis. And now the most important thing - brain abscess, typhoid, paratyphoid, salmonellosis also treated with chloramphenicol. The spectrum of therapeutic action of this antibiotic is really wide.
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