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Chitosan, 100 Tabs

SKU: 200753


Thanks to wide range of preparation's properties it promotes lowering body weight. Chitosan Evalar is made on the basis of chitosan, that is an aminopolysaccharide obtained from shells of crustaceans and providing natural source of dietary fibers. Chitosan is known as unique substance binding and extracting fats getting into body with food as well as one-of-a-kind natural product lowering cholesterol blood level.
Chitosan plays the role of the fat sponge peventing fat adsorbing into blood. It binds fat and transforms it into the undigestible form and eliminates its calorific power; promotes normalizing metabolism, lowering cholesterol and sugar blood level;
- improves intestinal peristalsis and ensures fast extraction of food fats out of the body, toxic compounds, coming into the bowels and causing carcinogens building up and promotes normalizing intestinal flora;
- has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties;
- promotes strenthening bones and teeth, prevents development of osteoporosis and gout;
- normalizing blood pressure.
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