Black Currant Leaves, 1.76 oz/ 50 g

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blackcurrant leaves are rich in various biologically active substances, essential oils, tannins, phytoncides, vitamins - found that in the leaves of black currant ascorbic acid contains much more than the berries.Black currant leaves are said to be an incredible immune booster. Black currant leaves are diaphoretic and diuretic, they aid in the elimination or reduction of bodily fluids and they are believed to lower vascular pressure. The leaf infusion is also believed to stimulate the nervous system and may help with stress-related ailments. Black currant leaves contain flavonoids; glycosides, essential oil, essential fatty acids, oligosaccharides, ascorbic acid, enzymes, rutin, Vitamin C and other vital nutrients. Studies in France have revealed anti-inflammatory activity in the leaves. Due to the great amount of Vitamin C black currant leaves possess antioxidant property.
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