Bio Burdock Pharmacy Bioactive Burdock Mask Conditioner, 16.9 oz/ 500 Ml

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6 x recovery:
1. stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss
2. effectively regenerates and strengthens the hair structure
3. restores firmness and elasticity
4. dandruff
5. intensely nourishes and moisturizes
6. detangles for weakened, rare and falling hair

BIOACTIVE Burdock MASK - CONDITIONER , penetrating deeply into the hair structure, effectively regenerates, strengthens and stimulates their growth, dandruff, returns elasticity and healthy shine.
Burdock oil - contains a unique complex of biologically active substances that blocks the action of enzymes that cause hair loss, enhances blood flow and nourish the hair follicle.
Horsetail and nettle extracts - soothe , prevent dandruff and strengthen the hair follicles.
Silk proteins - actively repair damaged hair, giving them extra luster and softness; effectively facilitate combing.
Essential oils of rosemary and thyme - have antiseptic properties, and normalize the sebaceous glands of the scalp microflora and restore fragile, weakened hair.
Avocado oil - effectively nourishes roots and strengthens the hair structure, taking care of them throughout.
Vitamins A, E, F - promotes collagen synthesis, improving hair structure and giving hair vitality.
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