BIG Russian + Ukranian SWEETs MIX "Roshen"-Slavyanka-RotFront-"RedOctober"- 4LB

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A giant set of sweets, chocolate and caramel 4 Pound. The entire range of over 30 titles. Factory Roshen, RotFront, Slavyanka, Red October, Babaev.

Variety of popular chocolate candy , caramel factory "Slavyanka", "Roshen","RotFront","Red October". Buying a variety of candies and sweets.
It is loved by all chocolates: Gentle Miracle, a Small Miracle, Pineapple, Levushka, French marshmallow, Slivki- Lenivki, Ksyusha, Slavyanochka, Baked milk, Jacqueline, Children souvenir, Bird pleasure, Monblan, Kara-Kum, Belochka, Mishka, Maska ,Barbaris, Kis-Kis, Grilyazge and and many others.
Great gift and decoration for any holiday.
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