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Belorusskij suvenir

SKU: 200468


granulated sugar, chocolate glaze (granulated sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier lecithin /E322/, flavour identical to natural “Vanilla”), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, roasted hazelnut kernel, roasted almond kernel, cognac, sugar powder, glucose syrup, apple puree, waffle (contain sodium bicarbonate), blackcurrant puree, roasted peanut, liqueurs, apple jelly, lemon puree, cocoa powder, pumpkin puree, cream powder, emulsifier lecithin /E322/, wine, citric acid /E330/, pectin /E440/, agar /E406/, egg white powder, sodium lactate /E325/, flavours identical to natural vanillin, “Vanilla”, “Fruit mix”, “Lemon”.Set includes: candies “Vostorg”, “Mishka na polyane”, “Malen’kaya volshebnitsa”, “Lesnaya byl’”, “Smorodinka”, “Sufle minskoje"/apple flavor/, “Rayskiy sad” limon, candies with liquor and cognac “Shokoladnyje butylochki” (candies “Delight”, “Bear on glade”, “Little enchantress”, “Forest true story”, “Blackcurrant”, “Minsk soufflé”/apple flavor/, “Paradise garden” lemon, candies with liquor and cognac “Chocolate bottles”).

Belorusskij suvenir
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