Basilur Gift Tea Set "Tea Book # 4", 3.52 oz/ 100 g

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Thin metal gift box, Pure Ceylon Black Leaf Tea Packed in Sri Lanka. Basilur is based out of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), with distributors in the USA, South Korea, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Basilur takes only the finest quality tea that comes from the lush foothills of Sri Lanka. Their logo, Ceylon Tea - Symbol of Quality, truly describes who they are.

The company began in 1867, when a superintendent of a coffee plantation decided to plant 20 acres of tea to help the coffee company diversify. Within 25 years, tea production had increased from several pounds a season to almost 23,000 tons, and Ceylon was on the map as a major tea producer.

Today, Sri Lanka is the 3rd largest tea-producing country in the world.

Basilur Gift Tea Set "Tea Book # 4", 3.52 oz/ 100 g
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