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Water, pale barley malt and hops.The brand Baltika appeared on the Russian market in 1992. This period was not an easy one for the country. It was marked with economical, social and political instability. However owing to its incredible diligence and the Baltika managed to cope with all the predicaments and hardships. Consequently this company became the first domestic brand recognized abroad. Since the mid-90 the Baltika has firmly hold the leading position in the field of the Russian beer industry. Its production is presented in 12 different varieties positioned in different price segments. According to the data provided by the magazine Forbes the Baltica is currently among ten most dynamic Russian brands!
The achievements of this company have not passed unnoticed. Thus the Baltika received nearly 400 awards of miscellaneous international and Russian competitions.
Among the most successful and recognized varieties of the brand is Baltika 3. It came into the market in 1992 and almost immediately won most wide spread occurrence in Russia and CIS. Up to the present this variety is considered to be the «classical» Baltika beer. In 2007 Baltika 3 appeared in lightweight aluminum can. In this way the beer better preserves its taste and properties. It is also very easy-to-use!
Owing to its excellent taste and characteristics Baltika 3 is popular world-wide. It is proved by the fact that this variety is exported to over 40 countries, including Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Greece, France, and Ireland! Join the real connoisseurs of beer all over the world! Enjoy the unforgettable flavor and odor of Baltika3 !

Energy value: 42 kilocalories per 100 g of beer.
Water, pale barley malt, rice and hops products.
Alcohol content: not less than 4.7% by volume.
Original gravity: 11.0%.
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