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Ryazhenka Fresh Made, 32 oz/ 944 Ml

SKU: 200145
Fresh Made
Cultured pasterized grade A milk, active kefir culture,vitamin A,palmitate,vitamin D3Sour-milk products are undoubtedly among the staples in European diets. They were appreciated not only for their beneficial properties but as well for smooth and delicate taste.

In the Eastern European regions were primarily spread Kefir, Prostokvasha and, of course, ryazhenka! Who knows, perhaps the legendary secret of Slavic people lies right here – in regular consumption of these useful products!

Among all the variety of traditional Slavic sour-milk products the most beloved was certainly ryazhenka. Delicious and smooth with warm cream tint this was one of the invariable products on the Slavic table! Nowadays ryazhenka hasn’t lost its popularity but on the contrary consistently gains new adherents all over the world!

We offer to the attention of our customers gentle, delicate and exquisitely useful Lifeway’s Ryazhenka! Company Lifeway is known world-wide for its quality production of miscellaneous sour-milk products. All of them are of the superb taste but «Ryazhenka» is really one of Lifeway’s masterpieces! It is made of the best and absolutely natural primary products using traditional recipes from Russia! Microelements and vitamins combined in «Ryazhenka» in ideal proportion account for its usefulness for young and old, men and women, healthy and diseased alike! And apart from numerous useful properties it possesses an exquisite taste indeed!
Entertain your relatives and friends with traditional Russian В«RyazhenkaВ»!

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