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"Badyaga" Regenerating Bio Gel, 1.76 oz/ 50 g

SKU: 202014


The main active ingredient is reducing biogel badyaga - dry powdered freshwater sponge, containing a large number of tiny silicon needles that have a skin irritant and stimulating action.

Properties badyagi long seen and recognized folk and official medicine. Biogel "Badyaga" causes local irritation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, which promotes the release of endogenous biologically active substances - prostaglandins, kinins, autakoidov, histamines. They, in turn, improve blood flow, stimulate metabolism, relieve swelling, promote healing of wounds, bruises and scars resorption.

These properties appear badyagi processing of bruising her crushed particles. Irritating effect while stimulating vasodilation and improves blood flow in the area of ​​hematoma, which leads to its rapid resorption.

In addition, if there is a local application badyagi release of biologically active substances: autakoidov, kinins, prostaglandins, which promote healing of damaged tissues, resorption scars, seals, reduced local immunity, as well as the protective function of the skin.
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