Badyaga Body Gel for Bruises and Contusions, 3.38 oz/ 100 Ml

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Badyaga gel designed for effective aid for bruises, bruises, bruises, as well as post-acne and age spots. Has anti-edematous, resolving, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, cooling, peeling effect. Accelerates the regeneration process, improves tissue nutrition, helps restore damaged capillaries, improves the condition of the skin.

Ingredients: water, glycerin, badyagi extract, horse chestnut extract, bio-stimulating complex "anti-inflammatory" izigel, dimethicone, chamomile extract, sage extract, calendula extract, sodium hydroxide, essential oil of tea tree essential oil of juniper essential oil of mint, Trilon B , microcar DMP, microcar IT. The operation and efficacy of the gel for the body badyagu provided high biological activity and synergy of its components with a pronounced anti-inflammatory, resolving, pain relievers, decongestants, regenerative, antioxidant properties. Thanks gel form, agents retain their good quality.

Badyaga - freshwater sponge, has a unique absorbing, antibacterial and exfoliating. Traditional high-performance product for fast healing of injuries, bruising, hematoma, reducing pain. Transdermal (conductive) properties badyagi significantly enhance the activity of the natural components of the gel. Action is based on the mechanical stimulation of the microcirculation. Badyaga skeleton consists of looped network of silica needles connected by organic matter - sponginom and phosphates, carbonates and organic matter.
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