Classic Sour Yogurt Drink Ayran, 16.68 oz/ 473 Ml

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Cultured pasterurized milk,water,cream,whey protein, tapioka & com starch,saltAyran is by rights reckoned as one of the most beneficial products available to mass consumer. In its essence ayran is a variety of kefir among nomadic peoples and highlanders.
From time immemorial this unique drink has been used as a perfect quencher and healing remedy. Today the beneficial properties of ayran are known and appreciated throughout the world. Authentic ayran is produced by a limited number of companies among which is a reliable, well-established company of Merve.
Our supermarket offers you to try the genuine taste of traditional ayran – in Ayran classic sour/Yogurt drink of Merve’s production. This product contains all the nutrients and vitamins characteristic for original ayran. It perfectly quenches thirst, exerts a beneficial impact on the secretory activity of stomach and intestines, increases oxygen flow to the lungs, strengthens our nervous system and possesses evident antibacterial properties.
Ayran classic sour/Yogurt drink is made from all-natural ingredients. Due to its unique manufacturing process this product combines in harmonious proportion exquisite taste of the traditional recipe with original useful properties ensured by the advanced technologies
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