AD Minus, 40 Tabs

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The extract of buckwheat extract cottonweed grass buckwheatWhy every year the number of people with high blood pressure is growing? Experts explain this by saying that the food we get too little of the necessary substances that can maintain strength, endurance, and elasticity of blood vessels. Therefore, science is in search of new sources of substances of natural origin, which could enrich our diets and to prevent destruction of the vessels, improve their condition, and hence reduce the background to enhance and "jumps" in blood pressure.

Great achievement in this area has been the emergence of natural non-drug means "A / D minus" from "Evalar. A / D Minus recommended as a source of flavonoids extracted from red inflorescences of buckwheat, - routine, quercetin, and others that contribute to vasodilation, improve their tone and elasticity, reduce permeability and fragility of capillaries, thereby improving blood circulation and reduce stagnation.

For the manufacture of A / D Minus "used only the red buds of buckwheat special variety, which is rich in flavonoids and is grown on bio Evalar. As part of A / D Minus extracts of red inflorescences of buckwheat and cottonweed, combined in one tablet, reinforce each other's action.

Regular use of A / D Minus help protect blood vessels and thus prevent the rise and "jumps" in blood pressure. As a result, the A / D Minus improve the quality of your life.
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