ACTIVE ORGANICS Sea Buckthorn Shampoo for Weak and Damaged Hair Nutrition and Recovery, 13.52 oz/ 400 Ml

SKU: 203060
Natura Siberica
- Restores damaged hair
- Seals the hair surface protective layer
- Makes hair thicker and dense
- Facilitates the process of combing

Gently cleanses hair, restores them intensively damaged structure and protects against hot-heat when styling. Ideal for care weakened painted mellirovannymi and hair as well as hair permed. Seals the surface of the hair with a protective layer, creating the effect of lamination, smoothes and tightens them, facilitating the process of combing. Included in the shampoo vitamins and amino acids nourish and regenerate hair. After shampooing the hair becomes noticeably smoother, elastic and manageable. Altai sea buckthorn oil and Moroccan argan oil contribute to the formation of keratin, which provides hair strength and shine. Flax seed oil and Siberian Arctic Rose and tsetrariya snowy retain moisture deep into the hair structure.
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